Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love or Assignment...It's Your Choice

Tonight, our communication lab was held at the North Location. The meeting started off with a simple question. Did Adam and Eve marry out of Love or did they marry out of assignment. The answers to the question varied throughout the sanctuary. If you say it was out of assignment look at this interesting fact. Prearranged marriages are out of assignment as opposed to love. Less than 17% of arranged marriages end in divorce while over 50% of marriages that are out of love or attraction end in divorce.

If you come into marriage without understanding of purpose, you will be in for a rough time. If assignment was important to God, that what is your purpose in getting married. Get hooked up to your assignment first and always remember that choices can deter assignment.

1 comment:

  1. Greetings Pastor Mike,

    How are you, sir?

    I'd like to state that there is a desperate need for teaching in the "body of Christ" on the devastation of pornography in the home and more importantly on marriages.

    From Inception to Deliverance;

    how does the innocent party cope, when insult, and humiliation are constant companions?

    Everything that you have taught us thus far concerning relationships and marriage has been beneficial; however, it is surface stuff.

    It does not begin to address many of the real evils that have taken residence in Christian households as we speak; consistantly ravishing relationships to an unidentifiable pulp.

    Wives made to feel like crap, because she does not live out the actions of a porn star, whose every moment is being directed by a movie production crew behind the camera.

    Our men are so gone; our ladies are so desperate that they don't realize that the persona is just that; a persona.

    I honor you Pastor Mike, grow from and appreciate your leadership, please help.

    Still Standing!