Sunday, January 4, 2009

Start Experiencing the Cultural Shift!

This week marked two major moments at Spirit of Faith. First, we started our 9:30am services at our Howard County location. I also began teaching on the lesson of Discipleship. As it has been declared, this is the "Year of Discipling". It has been placed on my heart to initiate a shift in the culture at Spirit of Faith where by we put an emphasis on Jesus' greatest commandment.

The objective of this lesson series on Discipleship is as follows: To create a replica of the early New Testament church in a modern day form without loosing the same impact it had when Jesus walked along side of the church himself.

I am so excited to be sharing this part of the Lords' Word because I know that this is what we were saved to do. I encourage each of you to lock in on this message and concept because it will be sure to take you to another level in the things of God.

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