Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's Continue...

Why did God create you? What is your purpose? To answer these questions you have to know that the power to define is the power to fulfill...

My mission in this lesson on discipling others is to Discover, Disciple, and Deploy. Jesus said that it would be better if He goes away, but people have not matured to the point of being able to walk without step by step guidance. So it's not to reduce the church back to the days when Jesus walked along side of it but to make sure that everyone is in proper relationship with God and spiritually mature.

There are many voices in the earth today and it is important to listen to the right voice. You will become like whatever voices you are listening to... You have to allow someone to be your teacher. Ask yourself this, would you go to a new job and tell your supervisor what to do?

I was alarmed to learn the statistic that 60% to 70% of people jump from church to church because of spiritual immaturity! Which is often tied into leaving because of an offense or misunderstanding. Be in your set place! Those who are really great are those that listen really well. You are having issues because you have never allowed yourself to sit under the process/training.

There is so much more that I could share from this second lesson on discipling others however I would encourage you to get the CD or DVD as soon as possible so you don't miss anything dealing with this life changing lesson!


  1. Hi Dr. Mike! This thing tells me I'm the first to follow your blog...there should be a prize for first! Alaska's great, so are Kenyon, Amira and KBII. LOVE Lghthouse Christian Center...thanks for sending us there. Happy New year!

  2. Hey Dr. Mike,

    Well, what can I say...I guess like you and Dr. DeeDee have always taught...get to the point...thank you so much Dr. Mike for showing what it is like to have a father (spiritual Dad that is) who loves me and cares about my soul, and for that my life is the better. I thank you and Dr. DeeDee for all you have poured into me. I am eternally grateful!! I love yall!!


  3. Hi Dr. Mike,

    Wow. I had the chance to meet you at the "What Real Faith is Conference" in 2008 in Detroit, and things seem to have been getting better ever since then. I continue to watch " Living by Faith", and you are a great source of inspiration and motivation for me. I actually wish I had enough money to buy a cd/dvd of all your it continues to manifest, I'm definitely looking forward to adding any future teaching to the collection.